Yoga Retreat in Vietnam

A Yoga Retreat in Vietnam can provide a perfect opportunity to connect with yourself and nature, as you explore the serene landscapes and practice mindfulness.

Vietnam is a beautiful country that offers a unique blend of natural beauty, ancient culture, and modern amenities.

 It’s no wonder that Vietnam has become a popular destination for yoga retreats, as it provides the perfect backdrop for a transformative experience. 

Whether you’re a seasoned yogi or a beginner, a yoga retreat in Vietnam is an excellent way to deepen your practice and reconnect with yourself.

Vietnam’s lush green landscapes, beautiful beaches, and towering mountains offer a perfect setting for yoga retreats. 

From the tranquil rice fields of the countryside to the bustling streets of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam has a diverse range of environments that cater to a variety of yoga practices. 

Many retreats are located in rural areas, where you can immerse yourself in nature and find peace away from the distractions of daily life.

In addition to its natural beauty, Vietnam also has a rich cultural heritage that can enhance your yoga retreat experience. Many retreats offer excursions to nearby temples, pagodas, and historical sites that allow you to connect with Vietnam’s ancient culture and traditions. 

You can learn about Buddhism, Taoism, and other spiritual practices that have influenced Vietnamese culture for centuries.

One of the main draws of a yoga retreat in Vietnam is the opportunity to learn from experienced teachers. 

Many retreats bring in top-notch instructors from around the world, who can help you deepen your practice and learn new techniques. Whether you’re looking to improve your alignment, work on advanced poses, or simply relax and rejuvenate, a yoga retreat in Vietnam has something to offer.

Another benefit of a yoga retreat in Vietnam is the chance to connect with like-minded individuals. Many retreats attract people from all over the world who are interested in yoga, wellness, and personal growth. You can meet new friends, share your experiences, and learn from others who are on a similar journey.

In this blog, we’ll explore some of the best yoga retreats in Vietnam, and what makes them unique.

 We’ll delve into the different types of yoga practices, the accommodations, the food, and the activities that you can expect to experience on a yoga retreat in Vietnam.

 Whether you’re looking for a luxury retreat, a budget-friendly option, or something in between, there’s a yoga retreat in Vietnam that’s perfect for you. Let’s dive in!

Yoga Retreat in Vietnam

Why Choose Vietnam for a Yoga Retreat

Vietnam is an ideal destination for yoga retreats because of its natural beauty and peaceful atmosphere. The country offers a wide range of stunning landscapes, from the picturesque mountainscapes to serene beaches, which provide the perfect backdrop for meditation and relaxation. 

Moreover, Vietnam’s rich culture and history create a unique ambience that adds to the overall experience.

In addition, Vietnam has a well-established yoga community with many experienced teachers and practitioners who can guide you through your journey towards inner peace. 

You can choose from various types of yoga classes such as Hatha or Vinyasa flow that are conducted in serene locations like tranquil temples or on beautiful beaches.

Lastly, Vietnam’s affordable cost of living makes it an attractive option for budget-conscious yogis who want to experience the spiritual benefits of yoga without breaking their bank accounts. 

Overall, choosing Vietnam for a yoga retreat will give you a unique blend of natural beauty, culture, experienced teachers and affordability that will make your trip unforgettable.

Natural Beauty

Vietnam is home to some of the most beautiful natural landscapes in Southeast Asia. From the winding waterways of the Mekong Delta to the white sand beaches along its coastline, Vietnam offers a stunning backdrop for any yoga retreat.

 The country’s lush forests and rice paddies also provide a serene environment for practicing mindfulness and meditation.

In addition to its natural beauty, Vietnam has a rich culture that emphasizes health and wellness. 

Traditional Vietnamese medicine incorporates natural remedies such as herbs and acupuncture to promote balance and healing. This focus on holistic health aligns perfectly with the principles of yoga, making Vietnam an ideal destination for those seeking a deeper connection with their physical and spiritual well-being.

Whether you’re looking to deepen your practice or simply escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life, Vietnam’s natural beauty and cultural emphasis on wellness make it an excellent choice for a yoga retreat.

Rich Culture

Vietnam is a country rich in culture, with a history that dates back to over 4,000 years ago. The traditional Vietnamese way of life and customs are still evident today, making it an ideal location for immersing oneself in culture during a yoga retreat. 

From the colorful markets selling fresh produce and unique handicrafts to ancient temples and pagodas scattered throughout the country, Vietnam offers visitors a chance to experience its vibrant heritage firsthand.

One of the most fascinating aspects of Vietnamese culture is its cuisine. 

Traditional dishes are characterized by their bold flavors, use of fresh herbs like coriander and lemongrass, and emphasis on harmony between different elements such as sweet, sour, salty, and spicy.

 During a yoga retreat in Vietnam, participants can indulge in delicious local food while learning about its cultural significance.

In addition to food and historical sites, music also plays an important role in Vietnamese culture.

 Traditional music often features instruments like bamboo flutes and stringed instruments called dan bau. Attending a live performance or even trying your hand at playing one of these instruments yourself can be an enriching experience during your yoga retreat in Vietnam.


Vietnam is a popular destination for yoga retreats, and one of the reasons is affordability. Compared to other countries in the region, Vietnam offers a lower cost of living, making it an ideal location for budget-conscious travelers.

 From accommodation to food and transportation, everything is reasonably priced so that you can enjoy your yoga retreat without worrying about breaking the bank.

Moreover, Vietnam offers great value for money when it comes to luxurious accommodations and spa treatments.

 You can find five-star resorts and boutique hotels at half the price of what you would pay in other countries. Additionally, you can indulge in traditional Vietnamese spa treatments such as hot stone therapy or herbal baths at a fraction of the cost.

In conclusion, affordability makes Vietnam a compelling option for those looking to plan their next yoga retreat on a budget without sacrificing comfort or luxury. 

The country’s low cost of living combined with its beautiful landscapes and friendly locals make it an attractive destination for solo travellers and groups alike.

Yoga Retreat in Vietnam

SIVANANDA YOGA yoga retreat in vietnam

The Yoga Vacation program was designed by Swami Vishnudevananda in the 1960’s and is available year-round. It includes daily yoga practice, vegetarian meals, guided meditation and singing sessions, community selfless service, and plenty of free time to relax, read, study, contemplate, and make new friends.

 The program integrates the 5 points of yoga in daily life, bringing participants in tune with the rhythms of nature and the body.

 The Yoga Resort and Training Center offers a variety of yoga courses and events throughout the year, including special courses, festivals, concerts and symposiums. Additionally, guests can participate in daily tasks such as cleaning, gardening, kitchen, beautification and the general upkeep.

Karma Yoga (selfless service) is an integral part of the richness of the vacation, and the Residential Program One Month Yoga Immersion is a one month full immersion in Yoga life. Guests will live in the Resort during the program, participating in all programs and classes.


Shared room (4 people)
Double room (2 people)
Single room

$609 USD/month/person
$711 USD/month/person
$1128 USD/month/person
$1644 USD/month/person 

yoga in vietnam yoga retreat in vietnam

yoga in vietnam yoga retreat in vietnam

The Explore Hoi An Yoga Retreat combines regular yoga practice with traditional activities around the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Hoi An, Vietnam. 

The daily schedule includes check in, Vietnamese vegan breakfast, Champa dance show, Vietnamese lunch, boat cruise trip, home cooked vegan dinner, and beach meditation.

 Accommodation is a local homestay nestled by the rice fields, with modern, clean rooms and a pool for those hot days. Rahul Chamoli was born in Rishikesh, the world capital of Yoga. He completed his bachelor with a major in hospitality and worked as a Chef de partie in the Maldives for 5 years.

He met his Guru Narendra Gusain at his uncle’s Yoga institute in Rishikesh and was sent to Vietnam to share and spread the knowledge and wisdom he had learned. 

He was the main teacher of many teacher training courses in the Nomad Yoga Center in Hoi An for nearly two and a half years. He enjoyed sharing his understanding of Yoga Philosophy and Ashtanga and inspired a lot of people to Yoga.


Types of Yoga Retreats in Vietnam

Types of Yoga Retreats in Vietnam

Wellness Retreats

Vietnam is one of the most beautiful destinations in Southeast Asia, and it has become a popular place to host yoga retreats. 

The country boasts stunning natural landscapes, from lush rice paddies to pristine beaches and ancient temples, making it the perfect location for those looking to unwind and practice mindfulness.

 One such retreat is located in the picturesque town of Hoi An, where participants are invited to experience an immersive yoga journey.
This particular wellness retreat focuses on Vinyasa flow yoga, which emphasizes movement with breath. 

It is designed for yogis of all levels who want to deepen their practice while enjoying the tranquil setting Vietnam provides. 

Participants can also enjoy other activities such as sunrise beach walks, meditation sessions, and healthy cooking classes using locally sourced ingredients.
The retreat offers accommodation in eco-friendly bungalows that blend seamlessly into the surrounding natural environment. 

Each bungalow comes equipped with modern amenities like air conditioning and Wi-Fi while maintaining a rustic feel that encourages relaxation and rejuvenation. Overall, this wellness retreat provides an excellent opportunity for anyone seeking inner peace amidst breathtaking scenery in Vietnam.

Vietnam Yoga Detox Retreat?

Meditation Retreats

Meditation retreats have become increasingly popular in recent years as people search for ways to disconnect and recharge from the hustle and bustle of daily life. 

One such retreat that has gained popularity is a yoga retreat in Vietnam. Nestled amid lush mountains, this retreat offers the perfect setting for those who seek solace in meditation.

The Yoga Retreat in Vietnam offers various packages that cater to different needs and preferences.

 For beginners, there are introductory courses offered throughout the day where they can learn about basic meditation techniques and mindfulness practices.

 More experienced practitioners can take part in longer sessions of guided meditation with experienced instructors.

Apart from meditation, participants can also engage in other activities such as yoga classes, healthy cooking workshops, and nature walks that allow them to connect with their surroundings. 

The serene atmosphere at this retreat is conducive to deep relaxation and introspection, which makes it an ideal place for anyone looking to embark on a journey of self-discovery through meditation.

Meditation Retreats

Adventure Retreats

Yoga retreats are becoming increasingly popular among health enthusiasts and adventure seekers alike.

 For those looking to combine their love for yoga with an adrenaline-pumping outdoor experience, Vietnam offers some of the best adventure retreats in Southeast Asia. 

With its stunning landscapes, breathtaking beaches, and varied terrain, Vietnam is a perfect destination for those seeking an immersive and challenging yoga experience.

One of the most popular destinations for an adventure yoga retreat in Vietnam is Ninh Binh. Known as the ‘Ha Long Bay on Land,’ Ninh Binh’s karst mountains provide a rugged natural landscape that is perfect for hiking and climbing excursions. 

Yoga sessions take place amidst stunning mountain views or by tranquil rivers and streams.

Another great option for an adventure-filled yoga retreat in Vietnam is Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park.

 Located in central Vietnam, this UNESCO World Heritage site boasts impressive cave systems that offer a unique setting for practicing yoga. 

Activities such as kayaking, cycling, and rock climbing can also be incorporated into your itinerary to help you push yourself physically while still enjoying the beauty of nature around you.

Silent Retreats

Silent Retreats

These retreats are designed to offer individuals the opportunity to take a break from their busy lives and spend time in solitude while engaging in practices that encourage introspection.

 The Yoga Retreat in Vietnam provides an ideal environment for participants looking to disconnect from the world and reconnect with themselves. 

The retreat is located amidst lush green forests, surrounded by mountains, and offers an ambiance of tranquility.

During these retreats, participants practice yoga and meditation in silence, which allows them to dive deeper into their inner self without external distractions. 

This period of silence helps individuals reflect on their life choices, goals, beliefs, fears or anything else they would like to explore about themselves.

 Practicing yoga promotes physical well-being while meditation enhances mental clarity and emotional stability. Participants leave with a renewed sense of purpose and clarity.

In conclusion, if you are seeking an escape from your hectic routine or looking for a way to gain some perspective on your life journey, then the Yoga Retreat in Vietnam might be just what you need. 

It provides you with a chance to experience mindfulness-based practices that can lead you towards self-discovery and personal growth while being surrounded by nature’s beauty.

Luxury Retreats

Nestled in the picturesque hills of Vietnam, luxury retreats offer a tranquil and serene ambiance perfect for those seeking to unwind and rejuvenate. 

Providing upscale accommodations, gourmet meals, and world-class amenities, these retreats promise an indulgent experience to pamper your mind, body, and soul.

 The idyllic setting surrounded by lush greenery promises an aura of peace that will help you reconnect with nature.

The Yoga Retreat in Vietnam is a haven for yoga enthusiasts who seek to deepen their practice amidst stunning natural beauty.

 With daily yoga sessions led by experienced instructors, guests can indulge in the meditative practice while taking in the breathtaking views of rolling hills and sparkling lakes.

 After a day filled with yoga sessions and meditation practices, guests can relax at the spa or take part in other wellness activities such as hiking or mountain biking.

Moreover, luxury retreats offer an array of culinary options that cater to diverse tastes while serving nutrient-dense cuisine that nourishes both body and soul.

 Guests can enjoy farm-to-table experiences featuring locally sourced ingredients transformed into delectable dishes. In conclusion, if you are looking for an opulent escape from everyday life, then indulging yourself in a luxurious retreat may be worth considering!

Retreat in Vietnam

One affordable yoga retreat in Vietnam is the Zenith Yoga Retreat. This retreat offers shared accommodation with either two or four people per room. 

The rooms are fully equipped with air conditioning, private bathrooms, and comfortable beds. The retreat also includes daily yoga classes and vegetarian meals.

Another affordable option is the Nomad Yoga Hoi An Retreat in Hoi An, Vietnam.

 The retreat offers a range of accommodations including dorms, private rooms, and bungalows. All options include air conditioning and access to a communal pool.

 In addition to daily yoga classes, the retreat also offers workshops on healthy cooking and traditional Vietnamese culture.

For those on a tight budget but still looking for an immersive yoga experience in Vietnam, these affordable retreats offer quality accommodations without breaking the bank. 

From shared rooms to communal pools, these retreats provide all the necessities for a relaxing and rejuvenating getaway.

During a yoga retreat in Vietnam, daily yoga practice is an essential part of the experience. Starting the day with a morning yoga session helps to set the tone for the rest of the day.

 The soft breeze and peaceful surroundings add to the calmness of your mind, making it easier to concentrate on your poses and breathing.
Daily yoga practice also has several health benefits, including improving flexibility, strength, balance, and reducing stress levels.

 Practicing different styles of yoga such as Hatha or Vinyasa can help you challenge yourself physically and mentally while learning new techniques that you can incorporate into your everyday life.

In addition to these benefits, practicing yoga regularly during a retreat provides an opportunity for personal growth and self-reflection

By focusing on oneself through meditation and mindfulness practices within daily sessions, one can find moments of clarity and gain insight towards living a more fulfilling life beyond their time at the retreat.

Cultural Immersion

Cultural Immersion

Vietnam is a country rich in culture, and many yoga retreats in the country take advantage of this by integrating local cultural activities into their programs.

 One popular activity is taking cooking classes to learn how to make traditional Vietnamese dishes such as pho or spring rolls. 

These classes are not only fun but also provide an opportunity to connect with locals who share their culinary knowledge and passion for food.

Another way that retreats incorporate local culture is through traditional dance performances. 

Vietnamese dance has been around for centuries and often tells stories of the country’s history, culture, and everyday life.

 By watching these performances and engaging with the dancers, participants can gain a deeper understanding of Vietnam’s unique cultural heritage.

Lastly, visiting local markets or temples can also be an enriching experience during a yoga retreat in Vietnam.

 Markets offer fresh produce, street food snacks, and handmade souvenirs while temples provide insight into the spiritual practices of the Vietnamese people. 

The bustling atmosphere of markets coupled with serene surroundings at temples can create a perfect balance for those on a journey towards self-discovery through yoga practice.

Healthy Cuisine

Healthy Cuisine

At our yoga retreat in Vietnam, we understand that nourishing your body is an essential part of the overall healing process.

 That’s why we provide nutritious, locally-sourced meals to support your well-being and fuel your body for daily yoga practice. Our meals are carefully prepared by our in-house chef, who uses only fresh ingredients sourced from local farms and markets.

Our menu is designed to cater to a wide range of dietary requirements and preferences, including vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free and dairy-free options. From hearty breakfasts to light lunches and satisfying dinners, each meal is packed with flavor and nutrients to keep you feeling energized throughout the day. 

Additionally, we offer refreshing juices and smoothies made from seasonal fruits and vegetables as a healthy alternative to sugary drinks.

By providing wholesome meals made with love and care, we hope to inspire you to reconnect with food as a source of nourishment for both body and soul. 

Whether you’re looking to deepen your yoga practice or simply take a break from the stresses of everyday life, our retreat will give you the opportunity to enjoy delicious meals that align with your values while supporting your health goals.

Personal Growth

Yoga retreats in Vietnam offer a unique opportunity for individuals to explore their inner selves, connect with nature and experience spiritual growth. 

The country is a perfect destination for yoga enthusiasts as it boasts of stunning landscapes, serene beaches and ancient temples that provide a tranquil environment for self-reflection. 

Retreat centers are strategically located away from the hustle and bustle of urban life to create an ideal atmosphere for daily practice.

Daily yoga sessions in these retreats are led by experienced instructors who guide participants through various techniques and poses aimed at increasing strength, flexibility, balance, and overall well-being. 

Besides yoga, meditation classes are also offered to help individuals develop mindfulness and emotional awareness. The combination of yoga and meditation is essential in promoting mental relaxation which ultimately leads to personal development.

The immersion into the Vietnamese culture during retreats offers an opportunity for cultural exchange where participants can learn from local traditions such as Buddhism while sharing their own experiences. 

Additionally, the vegetarian cuisine offered at these retreats provides nourishment for both physical health and spiritual growth. 

In conclusion, Yoga retreats in Vietnam provide an avenue for individuals to rejuvenate their minds, bodies and souls while experiencing new cultures in serene environments.

In today’s fast-paced world, stress and anxiety have become an inevitable part of our lives. The constant pressure to excel in our careers, maintain social relationships, and keep up with the demands of daily life can leave us feeling overwhelmed and exhausted. This is where yoga and meditation come in.

Yoga and meditation are ancient practices that have been around for thousands of years. They were developed as a means to help individuals find inner peace, balance, and harmony in their lives. 

In recent years, the popularity of these practices has grown exponentially, with millions of people around the world practicing yoga and meditation on a regular basis.

In this guide, we will explore the many benefits of yoga and meditation and provide you with tips and techniques to help you incorporate these practices into your daily routine.

The Benefits of Yoga and Meditation

Yoga and meditation offer numerous benefits for both the mind and body. Here are just a few of the many benefits of these practices:

  1. Stress Reduction: Yoga and meditation are effective tools for reducing stress and anxiety. Studies have shown that regular practice can help lower cortisol levels in the body, which is the hormone associated with stress.

  2. Improved Flexibility and Strength: Yoga is a physical practice that involves various poses and stretches. Regular practice can help improve flexibility and strengthen muscles.

  3. Better Sleep: Meditation and yoga have been shown to improve the quality of sleep. Practicing these techniques before bed can help calm the mind and promote relaxation, leading to better sleep.

  4. Increased Focus and Concentration: Both yoga and meditation require focus and concentration. Regular practice can help improve these skills, leading to increased productivity and efficiency.

  5. Emotional Healing: Yoga and meditation can help individuals process and heal from emotional trauma. These practices can help individuals develop a greater sense of self-awareness and self-love.


1. What should I pack for a yoga retreat in Vietnam?

Pack comfortable yoga clothes, a yoga mat, and any props you regularly use. Don’t forget sunscreen, insect repellent, a reusable water bottle, and appropriate clothing for cultural activities or outdoor excursions.

2. Do I need a visa to attend a yoga retreat in Vietnam?

Visa requirements vary depending on your nationality. Check with your local Vietnamese embassy or consulate for up-to-date information on visa requirements.

3. Can beginners attend yoga retreats in Vietnam?

Yes, most yoga retreats cater to all levels of experience, from beginners to advanced practitioners. Instructors often provide modifications to accommodate different skill levels.

4. Is it safe to travel to Vietnam for a yoga retreat?

Vietnam is generally considered a safe destination for travelers. However, as with any international travel, it’s important to take necessary precautions, such as safeguarding your belongings, being aware of your surroundings, and following local laws and customs.

5. What is the best time of year to attend a yoga retreat in Vietnam?

Vietnam’s climate varies by region, but generally, the best time to attend a yoga retreat is during the dry season, which runs from November to April. During this time, you can expect more sunshine and less rainfall, making it ideal for outdoor activities and exploration.

Can you do yoga in Vietnam?

Yes, you can definitely do yoga in Vietnam. Yoga has become increasingly popular in Vietnam in recent years, and there are now many yoga studios, retreat centers, and classes offered throughout the country.

Many cities in Vietnam, such as Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi, and Da Nang, have a variety of yoga studios offering a range of styles, from traditional Hatha yoga to more modern forms such as Vinyasa and Ashtanga. Additionally, many hotels and resorts in popular tourist destinations, such as Nha Trang and Phu Quoc, offer yoga classes as part of their wellness programs.

Vietnam also has a number of yoga retreat centers that offer more immersive experiences. These retreats typically include yoga classes, meditation sessions, healthy meals, and opportunities for outdoor activities such as hiking or kayaking. Some popular retreat centers in Vietnam include Fusion Maia in Da Nang and Amanoi in Ninh Thuan.

Overall, there are many options for practicing yoga in Vietnam, whether you are a beginner or an experienced yogi.

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